MLE-Moodle: Moodle for mobile phones

Universidad de VeranoMLE-Moodle : Moodle for mobile phones is one of the innovations is implementing on the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH) to help users perform in the classroom and have access to their activities more easily.

MLE (Mobile Learning Engine)is a special  mobile phones mLearning application to access to the Virtual Classroom VCPH, which allows you to access Moodle, and within this platform for most of the Moodle activities (eq: test, test, lessons, homework, ...) and resources (HTML pages, text, multimedia, guides, ...) from your mobile phone and other new (mLearning) activities, such as:

  • Mobile Learning Objects (specific resources for online learning over the phone)
  • Tags for Mobile (creates special bar codes for the activities or resources, if the user takes a photo of the barcode, is redirected to the activity or resource)

Additionally, the Moodle messaging system on mobile phone works well and has some new blocks for Moodle. One of these blocks allows for easy installation of mobile phone software on your phone.

To use this application:

  1. Enter this address in the browser of your mobile phone:
  2. From your mobile phone download a special application for mobile phones (download)

MLE-Moodle installation Demo , where you can create content and can prove it with a web browser: (User name / password : student / student)

To learn about the publisher MyMLE and more information on MLE-Moodle visit the next page of CVSP:

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