Chikungunya Virtual Course - 2017

This course is offered for professionals that are from the health area, in the distance learning modality, its main objective is to train the students for the professional health clinical management inserted in the welcome basic care for people affected by the chikungunya fever. Because it deals with a disease that was recently introduced in the country it is important to health providers to develop skills that can give the proper healthcare to the population.

The course is divided in two parts:

Unit 1 gives information about the epidemiology, clinical picture, diagnostic, health monitoring, organization of the health service, as well as to present the importance of the continued education on health. The class material is a mixture of various medias. The videos’ content and texts are complementary so we recommend that both are used with attention.

Unit 2 presents clinical cases that will make the student think about the best practice to deal with the patients who are suspected of this disease.