Virtual Course on Influenza Sentinel Surveillance Training
This self-paced, virtual course provides a general overview of influenza as well as in-depth training on the purpose and procedures involved in conducting sentinel influenza surveillance. Participants learn through a combination of online-lectures with interactive content and downloadable scenario-based activities that help them to apply the concepts learned.
General purpose: 
The influenza sentinel surveillance course provides web-accessible training on Influenza Sentinel Surveillance to public health practitioners and laboratorians. Participants will learn what kinds of data to collect from influenza patients and patient specimens and the methods to collect these data. Finally, participants learn how to analyze, summarize, report, present, and interpret data collected within a sentinel influenza surveillance system. Each of the four modules contains online lecture content, a hands-on activity that can be conducted individually or with a group, an instructor’s guide for completing the activity, and a quiz that covers the major teaching points in the module.
General Objectives of the Course: 
To provide public health background of influenza; introduce the major steps and concepts involved in conducting public health surveillance; and to discuss the rationale and objectives for conducting sentinel surveillance for influenza.
Last update: 03/Mar/2020