Leadership: The Future of the Health Professions Workforce - 2020

An eight-week virtual course, "Leadership: The Future of the Health Workforce,” works with real-time 'wicked' issues in human resources of PAHO.  It develops capacity and promotes conditions to identify and sustain new solutions to seemingly intractable problems through interactive adaptive action experiments, pattern logic and inquiry. Participants develop an applied understanding of the theory and practice of methods, models and principles in humans systems dynamics while receiving personalized support and feedback to design, conduct and evaluate adaptive action in their own work-based context.

General Course Objectives:

  • Lead and make wise decisions in conditions of uncertainty
  • Describe and apply the structure, function, and utility of complex adaptive systemsUse adaptive action to make wise decisions in complex patterns
  • Apply pattern logic to wicked issues
  • Use inquiry to identify and organize patterns
  • Apply models and methods of human systems dynamics to everyday work

Purpose of the course

  • To build capacity for effective leadership in uncertain times. 
  • To set conditions for a paradigm shift in critical reasoning supportive of and productive for complex adaptive systems in the health sector.

Course participants
PAHO staff from Health Systems Services (HSS), Human Resources for Health (HRH) and other technical areas in Washington DC and/or country offices.