Soil-transmitted Helminthiases: Prevention, Treatment, and Control
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The purpose of this course is to develop knowledge among a greater number of health professionals and health workers about the problem of soil-transmitted helminthiases (STH), enabling them to offer better care and participate in disease control.

Another goal of the course is to strengthen the capacities of those responsible for STH control programs with a view to implementing national and subnational interventions.

This course is based on PAHO/WHO standards for the prevention, treatment, and control of soil-transmitted helminthiases. Its contents are based on the available scientific evidence.


This course is an education and training tool for physicians and other health professionals who provide care to people, and for those responsible for national and subnational STH control strategies.


The program consists of the following modules:

  • Module 1. Soil-transmitted helminthiases as a public health problem
  • Module 2. Clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and treatment of soil-transmitted helminthiases
  • Module 3. Social determinants of soil-transmitted helminthiases
  • Module 4. Prevention of soil-transmitted helminthiases
  • Module 5. Integration of soil-transmitted helminthiases control into other programs and platforms
  • Module 6. Implementation of soil-transmitted helminthiases control measures at the national, subnational, and local levels
  • Module 7. Request for medicines donated through PAHO/WHO for Preventive chemotherapy


As it is a self-learning course, participants can regulate their times and moments of dedication. The Course is assigned a total of 60 hours (estimated time to complete the seven modules and tests).

There are no deadlines to complete the course.

Last update: 20/Aug/2022