Virtual Course on Health Promotion

This course was designed to contribute to the development of health promotion skills and competencies that can be integrated into the every-day work in all technical areas. In the current context marked by the restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing these topics virtually becomes particularly relevant.

Didactic Strategies
Didactic resources and virtual platform tools are used to boost learning from a practical perspective through examples with interactivities for users to advance through the different modules.

Purpose of The Course
The purpose of this course is to strengthen the local, national and regional health promotion capacity to improve the health of the population of the Americas. This virtual course will facilitate access to health teams so that they can acquire knowledge that can be translated into skills to promote health and equity in the population, considering the approach of social determinants of health. In the current context marked by the restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing these topics virtually becomes particularly relevant and timely to maintain and strengthen health promotion skills and their integration into the every-day practice.

Learning Objectives
Main Objective

• Describing the main concepts and values that currently define health promotion 
Specific Objectives
• Identifying different tools and resources to develop and implement health promotion strategies
• Describing how health promotion concepts, tools and approaches can be applied in your area of work

Intended Audience
• Individuals working in the local, national and international levels of public health who are interested in health promotion
• Individuals working in health promotion who wish to review key concepts and tools
• Individuals who wish to work in the health promotion sector with an interdisciplinary approach
• Health workers, including those specialized in clinical medicine and those working in community centers, as well as policymakers, researchers and professionals at all levels of public administration
• Individuals from the private sector and civil society

Length of The Course
This course is open and available at the Virtual Campus for Public Health (VCPH). Since this is a self-learning, users can choose when to take each module and how much time they will dedicate to them. The estimated time to complete all the modules and the Final Assessment is 8 hours.

Course Structure

Module 0: Introduction
- Course Introduction Clip
- Health Promotion Introduction Pill
Module 1: Understanding Health
- Introduction Clip on Health Promotion Approaches
- Case Study 1: Zika
- Case Study 2: Depression
- Case Study 3: Diabetes
Module 2: Concept and Values of Health Promotion
- Introduction Clip
- Unit 1: Causes and Determinants
- Unit 2: Equity and Human Rights
- Unit 3: Strengths and Assets
Module 3: Health Promotion Strategy and Plan of Action
- Introduction Clip
- Unit 1: Healthy Settings
- Unit 2: Participation, Empowerment and Engagement
- Unit 3: Governance and Intersectoral Work
- Unit 4: Strengthening Health Systems with a Health Promotion Approach
Module 4: Bringing It All Together
- Unit 1: Case Study on Community Response to COVID-19
Final Assessment

Assessment and Certification
Within each module, there are exercises to help users to absorb the different topics and practice
for the Final Assessment, which users will have to take upon completing all the modules.
The Final Assessment is made up of 46 multiple-choice and true-or-false questions. Users must get
at least 70% of correct answers to pass this assessment. Users who meet the course passing
criteria and fill in the VCPH Quality Survey will be able to download a certificate of participation
and approval issued by PAHO.


Last update: 10/Oct/2022