It provides methodological and technological tools for the development of technical cooperation, collaborative and open environment for learning in national and regional network to create, collaborate and share learning objects in the classroom training processes and / or virtual.

First, create an account in the repository of the country or regional campus. Once you have created your account, please login with your details and click on the link "Add New Resource". Then, you must complete the corresponding form data and when finished click the "Add" button, which is the final form.

It is a tool for learning technical cooperation, networking of the workforce in PH. He is also a space on the Internet and a network of people and institutions that share the aim of developing individual skills, institutional capacities and international co-educational program in Public Health (PH).

Is to strengthen the critical mass necessary for the VCPH will become a social network for Public Health Education, which contributes to the development of the decade of the Health Human Resource (HHR).

At the end of the biennium 08-09 CVSP has become a collaborative learning network, in which the Ministries, Health Associations, academic institutions and services, support to develop educational processes in Public Health (PH).

It is a networked learning space that aims to improve the skills of health professionals. This virtual space containing a series of courses on various topics and is supported on the platform Moodle.


VCPH classroom courses are offered self that are freely available and where you can Automatrícula following the steps in them are explained.
Other courses require prior approval and registration for which you must contact the PAHO representation in their country and they will inform the requirements necessary to participate in the course in which you are interested.
If the process is open Call for indicating the process you must follow to apply.

If you can not get a seat as a participant in a course, you can access it as a guest. For this, just click on the course of interest. This access can view and download the documentation of it, however, can not interact with participants (participating in forums, chats ...) or send tasks.

If you forgot your password, click on the link that says "Lost Password", which is located right on the main page of the site. Then enter the user or defined mail and click "OK". The system will send you a confirmation message change your email password. After confirming the request by clicking on the link in the message, you receive another message with a new password. Upon entering the system may change your password.

To create an account on the repository, click on the link "Create a Login", fill out the form that is displayed and press the "Sign Up". The system will send an email message that you defined. This message contains your password to access the site. The first time you will login with the password you received by mail, however when entering the repository can change it to one of your own.