From 1 August to 19 December 2012 the College of Américs (COLAM) of the Inter-American Organization (OUI), through the Inter-American Network on Social Determinants of Health (REDET) announce the first edition Diploma in Management of Social Determinants of Health. The training aims to develop skills to manage operations from the perspective of the social determinants of health and achieving equity. Achieving health equity requires recognizing that inequalities exist between people, especially between social groups and more weight in the socially disadvantaged.

Participants in this course will have opportunities to discuss their practices, share experiences and progress in the formulation of projects with a focus on equity and social determinants of health.
The Certificate program is structured around the following thematic modules:
Module 1: "Approaches to the Social Determinants of Health" From broad concept, social and historical construction of health, discussed the prospect of a social model of health approaches to social determinants and inequalities generate health inequities between social groups.
Module 2: "Experience Design and Management Engagement Social Determinants of Health and Equity" Here is reviewed and revised the guidance to formulate programs, health services and interventions and the context in which it is implemented.
Module 3: "Management Methodologies Interventions and Policy Development and Programs Focus on Social Determinants of Health and Equity" After reflecting on the practice of management in health services, will be analyzed and will highlight the cycle management interventions with methodologies and tools for social management.
Integration Module: Project Development.