Migrations and upgrades culminating on Virtual Campus of Public Health

In mid-February 2012 successfully completed the migration of Virtual Public Health Campus to a newserver PAHO has pestaciones best in performance, security, bandwidth and speed which will givethe user a better experience to navigate through our portals and virtual classrooms.

Along with the server migration were updated versions of Drupal and Moodle platforms to their latest versions, giving users some advantages in using the systems.

With the migration has changed the addresses to your official domain, shorter and easier to remember.

Next we show some examples of changes in the VCPH web addresses:

a) The Regional Node changed:
Previous: http://portal.campusvirtualsp.org/virtualcampus/drupal
New: http://www.campusvirtualsp.org

b) Nodes Countries have changed:
Previous: http://portal.campusvirtualsp.org/virtualcampus/cuba/drupal
New: http://cuba.campusvirtualsp.org

c) The Virtual Classroom has changed:
Previous: http://portal.campusvirtualsp.org/virtualcampus/moodle
New: https://cursos.campusvirtualsp.org

The team Virtual Campus of Public Health wishes to the whole community to enjoy the new benefitsand technological advances are there in the VCPH in this 2012.