Understanding Stigma and Cognitive Behavioural Interpersonal Skills (CBIS) - 2021

Course purpose
The purpose of this program is to reduce mental health related stigma and improve clinical and practice management skills among primary care providers when working with individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

Main objective
After this course, participants will have a better understanding of mental health-related stigma, it’s impact, how to reduce it, and how a structured training program that targets improved practitioners’ knowledge, management skills and confidence when caring for this population group, leads to diminished social distance and stigmatization.

The course has been tailored for participants who fulfill the following criteria: 

  • Primary care practitioners from English-speaking Caribbean countries, who are working as: MD general practitioners, specialized nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists and other mental healthcare providers directly involved in PWLE care.  
  • Two or more years of clinical working experience in health care (preferably in mental healt services).
  • Interested in enhancing their capacity to understand stigma and implicit biases when treating mental health patients within their Primary Health Care networks.  
  • Have the support of the Ministry of Health /Supervising Body and from their own institutional work supervisors.
  • Application deadline to participate in this course ended 9 August 2021.

Duration / Workload
This training will be a virtual training using PAHO Virtual Campus for Public Health.  The 16-week tutor-led course will be offered in English to groups of 15-22 primary health care
providers (maximum) from across the English-speaking Caribbean countries and territories. The course will have a duration of 180 hours and it will take place from August 19 until November 30, 2021.

Course structure

Understanding Stigma
Module 1: Raising awareness
Module 2: Impact of stigma
Module 3: Challenging stigma and discrimination

Strengthening Cognitive Behavioural Interpersonal Skills
Module 4: Introduction to CBIS program
Module 5: Problem List & Action Plan care pathway
Module 6: Diagnostic Assessment Interview (DAI) care pathway
Module 7: Self-Assessment Questionnaire care pathway


Last update: 01/Sep/2022