Ministerio de Salud Pública de CubaThe Cuban Ministry  of  Public Health has  the  pleasure to  invite you to  take part  of  the Health  International  Convention to  take place on December 3-5th, 2012, at Palacio de  las Convenciones, Havana, Cuba.

The Convention, sponsored by prestigious international organization, expects to make an analysis of the Cuban health conditions and the rest of the world. This meeting will be a space for deep reflections, committed and oriented to discuss themes related to health international agenda where participants will be able to exchange their experiences.

This  important forum is aimed to exchanging on public health effectiveness  on 21st century based on policies, strategies, organization and sustainable economic basis, assessment  of new renovation process for  primary health  care  and its implications for  health services; to  consider the increase of the population health and scientific-technical, humanistic strategies for health professionals and technicians training in order to guarantee a high level medical practice, ideological preparation and  ethical and  moral values, to  assess the contribution of scientific research and innovation in national health systems. It is also aimed to favor new types of international health cooperation between countries under the principle of solidarity cooperation in order to improve the population’s health and promoting   agreements on technology and innovation.

We  are  sure  that the hospitality  of the capital  of  Cuba will  contribute to fruitful days  of  scientific exchanges and recreation that could strengthen our  friendship and  cooperation.

Sponsoring institutions:

  • World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO).

Al national level:

  • Ministry  of  Public Health
  • Ministry of Sciences, Technology and Environment
  • Ministry of Higher  Education
  • Academy of Sciences of  Cuba
  • Ministry of  Foreign Trade
  • Ministry of  Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Labor and  Social Security
  • Nation Council  of Health Scientific Societies
  • Scientific societies of Public Health Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology, Family Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Psychology and Medical Education.
  • National Trade Union of  Health Workers
  • Scientific Pole

Main themes to be discussed:

  1. Economic, social and environmental policies and its implication in the field of health.
  2. The Primary Health Care strategy; challenges for health universal coverage, inter-sectoriality and people participation, as component of the strategy.
  3. Health social determinants and its contribution to health improvement and population wellbeing.
  4. Transformation in health systems and its impact on main indications.
  5. Challenges of the health sector in priority programs: Sexual health and reproductive, Workers health, Elderly and disabled.
  6. Quality in health services.
  7. Training and continued education of health human resources with a community-oriented humanistic approach...
  8. Development of research systems and technological innovation in health: challenges, realities and perspectives in the health sector.
  9. Internationalization of medical education in Latin America and d the Caribbean faced to neoliberal globalization.
  10. Disaster, its impacts and responses of national health systems
  11. Use of  Computer Sciences and Communications in health services transformation and pre and postgraduate  training of  human resources
  12. Role of social communication: wellbeing, health and quality of health
  13. Health promotion in society.
  14. Development of pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry

Organizing Committee:


  • Dr. Roberto Morales Ojeda.  Minister


  • Dr. José Ángel Portal. Vice minister
  • DrC. Luis Estruch Rancaño. Vice-minister
  • DrC. Marcia Cobas Ruíz. Vice -minister
  • Dr. Roberto González Martín. Vice-minister
  • Lic. Danilo Tolosa Escalona. Director  Economy
  • DrCs. Ernesto de la Torre.  President, National Council of Scientific Societies
  • Ing. Rolando Yero García. Director, Management Group


  • Dra. Niviola Cabrera Cruz.
  • Dr. Néstor Marimón  Torres
  • DrCs. Pastor Castel-Florit Serrate
  • Dr. Jorge González Pérez
  • Dr. Héctor Corratgé Delgado
  • Dr. Mariano Bonet Gorbea
  • DrC. Francisco Rojas Ochoa
  • Dr. Frank Tobey Haza
  • DrC. Alcides Ochoa Alonso
  • Dr. Juan M. Diego Cobelo
  • DrC. Estela Gispert Abreu
  • DrC. Edilberto González Ochoa
  • DraC. Nereida Rojo Pérez
  • Dra. Ileana Morales Suárez
  • Lic. Félix Gutiérrez
  • Dr. Raúl Pérez González
  • Dra. Maritza Sosa Rosales
  • Ing. Damiana Martín Laurencio
  • Dra. Odalys Bravo Téllez
  • Lic.  María del Carmen Amaru
  • Dr. Antonio González Fernández
  • Dr. Miguel Márquez
  • Dr. Ismael Castillo García
  • Dr. Manuel Santín Peña
  • Dra. María Isabel Martínez Martín
  • Lic. Pedro Luis Marzan Favier 

Scientific Commission:

President: Dr. Cs Pastor Castel-Florit Serrate
- Dr. Mariano Bonet Gorbea.

Executive Commission:

President: Dr. Roberto González Martín
- Dra. Niviola Cabrera Cruz
- Dr. Nestor Marimón Torres
- Dr. Héctor Corratgé Delgado.

Disclosure Comisión:

Presiden: Ing. Damiana Martín Laurencio
- Dra. Odalys Bravo Téllez

Commission for the exposition:
Presidents: DraC. Marcia Cobas Ruíz
- Dr. Ismael Castillo García

Colateral events:

  • Satellites meeting
    • Epidemiology network
    • WHO Collaborative center network
    • Meeting of the Latin-American Schools of Public Health (ALAESP)
    • Public Health Virtual Campus at  regional level
    • Gender and Health  network
    • Nursing network in Infant  Health  (ENSI))
    • Epidemiology and  Information Systems in Cancer (REDEPICAN)
    • Research network in policies and health systems in South America and the Caribbean
    • Ibero-American Ministerial  network of  Health Research  (RIMAIS)
    • Education International  network for health technicians
  • Workshops:
    • Regional workshop on health inter-sectoriality.
    • VIII Workshop of Node Cuba from Public Health Virtual Campus.
    • Quality  in  Health Services
    • Assessment  systems in  health services
    • Health  services  faced  to  disasters
    • Climate  change and health
    • Advantages and limitations in virtual education.
  • International symposium:
    • Health  promotion on 21st  century

Official  languages:
Spanish- English- Portuguese (in plenary sessions)

Requisites for submission of papers:

Summaries will not exceed 250 words and will include most relevant aspects of the paper: title/authors/institution/phone// e-mail / country

Full  paper:
7 sheets of papers as maximum structured as follows: introduction/objective /material and methods/results/conclusions/bibliographic reference. Texts should be written in Word, using Time New Roman letters, 12 points. Title shall be highlighted in bold and capital letters. Names of author should be written after the title. Scientific committee should be informed of audiovisual means needed as support of the presentation.
Papers may be  sent through  website or  e-mail  and  be received until August 31st el 2012. 
The scientific commission shall have at its disposal 15 days to communicate the report to the authors.

In  line with the Convention, a Scientific Show will take  place   al the  main  hall of  the Convention Palace, where enterprises, laboratories, entities and  specialized  firms will  have  the  occasion  of  showing  and marketing its equipment, technologies, drugs and other d  materials related to the event.

The price of interior modular stand is 110.00 CUC per m2 during the exposition period. Its includes:

  • Montage of the stand with 94, 8 x 2, 42 m white modular panel
  • Participation at all activities during the event
  • Electricity consumption at to 500 watts
  • Credentials acoording  to m2 agreed
  • Sign with the name of the entity.
  • Cleaning of the stand.
  • Safety of samples during non-exhibition hours.
  • Certificate of participation.

If you wish to make a free design, the price of the space without montage is 100.00 CUC / m2during the exhibition period. Its includes:

  • Electricity consumption  at to 500 watts
  • Participation at  all activities during  the  event
  • Credentials according  to m2 agreed
  • Sign with the name of the entity.
  • Cleaning of the stand.
  • Certificate  of  participation.

The minimum space to be contracted is 9 m2. (3 X 3 m).

Location in the plan will be according to order of reception of reservation and approval of the Organizing Committee

Facilities will be  provided for hiring  of  audiovisual  means, lights, furniture, ornamental plants etc, according  to  price  list  at  the  services form.

Information related to prices, norms of participation, conditions for items sending, customs regulations etc will be provided by the Department of Fair and Exhibition, Palacio de Convenciones, Havana.  

It  includes:

Delegate / Speaker / Pre-grade student: Accreditation / documentation / Access to all scientific and social activities/certificate of attendance and or author with corresponding credits

Accompanying people: Acreditatión / Access to official activities at  the  Convention (opening and closing  ceremony), participation at social activities/tours/ /sSouvenir.

Official  recipient: Cubatur
Specialist: Nelson Ramos
Phone : 537- 206 9808

For  more  information, please  contact:

Dr. Niviola J. Cabrera Cruz
Dr. Ileana del Rosario Morales Suárez
Executive Secretary.
Ministry  of  Public Health
Phones: 537 – 839 6344; 839 6445 y 830 9911

Lic. Migdalia Luna Cisneros
Congress professional  organizer
Palacio de Convenciones , Havana
phone: 537 – 208 6176
Fax: 537 – 202 8382