Virtual Campus for Public Health

The Regional Network for Open Educational Resources (REA/OER) will meet to review and analyze the advances and difficulties in network performance and to exchange experiences on the institutions’ operation of the repository.  The workshop will take place August 1-3, 2012, at the BIREME/Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Workshop participants will include those responsible for the country node national repositories and the regional technical team of the Virtual Campus for Public Health (VCPH).   Below is the proposed agenda for the three-day workshop:

Wednesday, August 1

  • Welcome and Workshop Objectives
  • Participant Presentations
  • Current situation of the Regional Network of Open Educational Resources (Red REA/OER)
  • Experiences in the use of the repository and the publication of educational resources  (advances and difficulties) -- 15-minute presentation by a representative from each country
  • Discussion on the production process of published resources. LOM and metadata in the VCPH-BVS

Thursday, August 2

  • Discussion on the quality of the network.  Proposed methodology
  • Strategies to increase publication of educational resources and improve quality control from the VCPH country nodes participating institutions
  • Interoperability of the CWIS-DSPACE-Drupal -- Experiences from Brazil, Chile and Mexico
  • Improvement of the VCPH portal and integration of the REA/OER Network
  • Use of Wiki as developer

Friday, August 3

  • Update on the configuration and administration of CWIS and Drupal
  • Interventions and final exchanges between participants
  • Conclusions