Virtual Call Course Starts Gender and Health, as part of the Diversity and Human Rights 2012

Curso Virtual Género y Salud, en el marco de la Diversidad y los Derechos Hurmanos 2012 versión 2

Course Starts call Virtual Gender and Health, as part of Diversity and Rights Hurmanos 2012 (version 2) that aims to initiate a regional continuing education on gender and health through the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH), in order to improve access to partners and counterparts PAHO information, evidence and tools, exchange experiences and build networks of cooperation enabling them to progressively integrate gender perspectives in the field of health.

Call is now available for the Virtual Course Essential Public Health Functions 2012

Curso Virtual de Funciones Esenciales de Salud Pública

Available now call for the Virtual Course Essential Public Health Functions 2012 (version 3). This course aims to develop the management skills of the Essential Public Health (EPHF) to help strengthen national health systems and improving health conditions of the population.

Started the Self-Learning Course of Access Management Resources and Social Networking

Already started the Self-Learning Course of Access Management Resources and Social Networking in the Virtual Classroom of the Virtual Campus of Public Health from the Panamerican Health Organization in order to acquire the concepts, principles and foundations of scientific information.

Upon completion of this work, you will be able to:

Starts Program Specialization "Health Management for Older People" version 5

Specialization starts: Health Management for Older in its 2012!

This specialization in its 5th version starts in April and is proposed as a space for reflection and capacity building to improve programs and services aimed at older adults in Latin America and the Caribbean.

During the development of specialization, will have the continued assistance and support from their tutors, which will serve as a framework and guidance for further workin the management of programs and services.

Course begins Virtual Medical Training of Trainers with a focus on Primary Health Care Version 3

Starts Training of Trainers Course for Physicians with a focus on Primary Health Carein its 2012!

Approaches, guidelines and practices in medical education have been renewed over time, living, often in contradictory ways, with approaches and practices. Have also been renovated and transformed the health needs of populations and changed thevery organization of health services. It is then necessary to rethink and reorientapproaches training practices of professionals serving the health needs and to the very transformation of health care.

Opened Applications for the Virtual Course Pharmaceutical Services based on Primary Health Care (PHC) for managers

It is implemented in the new Virtual Campus Authentication System One (LDAP)

In late February 2012 the team of the Virtual Campus of Public Health implemented a singleauthentication service that allows users to access all sites and classrooms with a single user account.

So if you have an account created in the Portal Regional, Regional or  Countries Virtual Classroom may enter the same username and password. Additionally the user account onthe Virtual Classroom PAHO Staff can access other sites with your account of PAHO.

On this graph you can see how the user interacts with the authentication server:

Migrations and upgrades culminating on Virtual Campus of Public Health

In mid-February 2012 successfully completed the migration of Virtual Public Health Campus to a newserver PAHO has pestaciones best in performance, security, bandwidth and speed which will givethe user a better experience to navigate through our portals and virtual classrooms.

Along with the server migration were updated versions of Drupal and Moodle platforms to their latest versions, giving users some advantages in using the systems.

With the migration has changed the addresses to your official domain, shorter and easier to remember.

Next we show some examples of changes in the VCPH web addresses:

Course of Social Justice and Public Health in Chile

The Global Health Program at the University of Chile invites you to participate in the Course of Social Justice and Public Health in Chile on Santiago, Chile from June 25 to July 7, 2012.

Combining classroom instruction with visits to grassroots or-ganizations, clinics and social justice historical sites, this 2-week intensive course will introduce undergraduate and gradu-ate students to the basics of global public health and social justice from a Chilean perspective.

Students will have the opportunity to learn from Chilean and American faculty about current issues in health and equity, and learn the skills to advocate for social justice and human rights in health.

Topics will include:

Skills Online Program Receives National Training Excellence Award

The Public Health Agency of Canada’s (PHAC) Skills Online Program received the Silver Canadian Award for Training Excellence in the eLearning category at the 2011 Canadian Society for Training and Development's (CSTD) Conference and Trade show.

Bulletin in International Health Launch

The Bulletin of IH in the Virtual Campus of Public Health is intended to serve as a means for the dissemination and reflection upon selected topics in International Health and to provide information regarding the participants milestones and experiences in this new phase. The Bulletin aims to provide an iterative environment between the participants and the international community in order to:

a) provide information on the Leaders in International Health Program;

b) disseminate and reflect upon relevant topics related to health and international relations;

c) create a space for discussion and sharing of opinions;

d) share studies and information;

e) analyze news about public health issues; and

f) call attention to international treaties and agreements related to country team’s topics.

Call for applications open for the Leaders in International Health Program Edmundo Granda Ugalde (LIHP) 2012

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has launched the call for applications for all its Member States for the Leaders in International Health Program Edmundo Granda Ugalde (LIHP) 2012.

Through a series of virtual and hands-on learning activities, the LIHP proposes to strengthen the capacities of professionals from public health, international relations and other areas so that they are able to better understand and act upon the international determinants of health in an increasingly globalized world.

VCPH updated with the latest versions of Drupal and Moodle

During the last months of 2011 the Regional Team of Virtual Campus of Public Health has successfully completed the update of its Regional Nodes and countries, as well as virtual classrooms that are inoperation.

The Nodes of VCPH use "Drupal" as a means of Content Management System in their latest versions 7.8, 7.9 and 7.10

Regional courses culminate in 2011 in the Virtual Campus of Public Health

During the year 2011 will be held 29 regional courses in the Virtual Campus of Public Health, of which 19 corresponded to the mode tutorial and 10 with self-learning. All courses were also in Spanish language and 7 courses on English.

Preliminary data indicate that more than 1500 participants completed the educational process successfully.

Is scheduled for January of 2012 a break from teaching activities in the Virtual Campus, which will culminateduring the upgrade of the management and maintenance will take place on schedule.

The start of the activities of the VCPH will be from the second half of February.

Interview with Dr. José B. Jardines Regional Coordinator VCPH published in the Node Brazil

Just published an interview with Dr. Jardines in the VCPH-Brazil Node, on the contribution of that country to the "Open Educational Resources" Network Virtual Campus of Public Health.

This interview was conducted in the framework of the International Seminar on Open Access to Knowledge inthe headquarters of the National School of Public Health "Sergio Arouca" Fiocruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Season's Grettings Message from the Director of the Pan American Health Organization

The Coordination of the Argentina Virtual Campus Node is transferred to the National University of Cordoba

In the framework of the VII International Congress of Public Health 2011 "The holistic view of health as a challenge in the action strategies in Public Health" held from 23 to 25 November 2011 in the city of Cordoba, the transfer was made Node Coordination Argentina Virtual Campus from FLACSO to the School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, National University of Córdoba.

As part of the Pre-Conference Workshops and chaired by Mr. Dean, Faculty of Medicine Dr. Gustavo L. Irico and the Director of the School of Public Health Dr. Juan Carlos would be a presentation of the VCPH Argentina Node including:

Launch of New Regional Portal Virtual Campus of Public Health

Under the I Regional Forum on Human Resources for Health and Indigenous Peoples "The Challenge of Interculturalism" will be held on November 22, 2011 Official Launch of New Regional Portal Virtual Campusof Public Health in Panama City.

The technical team of CVSP displayed during the launch of new products and benefitsportal that brings this new version is focused on the concept of web 2.0, in addition to an attractive design and easy navigation, the new portal has mobile version.

I Regional Forum Human Resources for Health and Indigenous Peoples "The Challenge Interculturalism"

A joint initiative of the Pan American Health Organization, the Ministry of Health Canada, the Indigenous Fund and the Inter-American Development Bank in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Panama, is held the First Regional Forum for Health HumanResources and Indigenous Peoples "the Challenge of Multiculturalism" in the Hotel ElPanama in Panama City, 21 to November 23, 2011.

This forum can be followed from the Internet via the following link:


For more info about the Forum and transmission visit the site:

Updating Nodes VCPH Countries to Drupal 7

Between September and October, the Virtual Campus of Public Health conducted an update of VCPH Countries nodes to version 7 of Drupal.

With a commitment to stay ahead in today's technological advances, the VCPH been achieved with the active participation of countries Webmaster Nodes VCPH migrate to the latest version of Drupal CMS, with extraordinary improvements that allow both users and administrators, enjoy a friendly environment with higher performance.

Besides keeping the contents, improved visual appearance of the nodes.

Among the main features of the new system are:

World Conference looks at health impact of social inequities

Rio de Janeiro, October 19, 2011 (PAHO / WHO) - High-level representatives more than 100 countries are meeting this week in Rio de Janeiro for the World Conference on Social Determinants of Health, an initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) that aims to generate support policies and strategies to improve health by reducing social inequities.

PAHO / WHO Launches Online evaluation course of health risks human exposure to chemicals

On 10 and October 11, 2011 in Asunción - Paraguay, we launched an online course evaluation of risks to human health from exposure to chemicals, in Spanish.

This course develops within the framework of cooperation between Brazil and Paraguay to strengthen local capacities in assessing risks to human health from exposure to chemicals in contaminated areas.

This technical cooperation project aims to strengthen the capacity of countries to the process of developing public policies and human resource development in the application of methodologies for assessing risks to human health due to exposure to chemicals in the areas contaminated.

Begins Virtual Course on Human Resource Planning for health systems based on PHC

From September 15 to December 3 takes place the Virtual Course on Human Resource Planning for health systems based on PHC, lasting two and a half months and the Coordination of Pilar Navarro, Professor of the Andalusian School of Health Public (EASP) and Hernan Sepulveda, PAHO Regional Advisor.

Consistent with public policy requirements, the training program the following objectives:

Start Course Virtual Learning Tutors for Telehealth Network / IDB-2011

From September 19 to 25 marks the beginning of the familiarization course Tutor Virtual Learning Network for Telehealth / BID-2011, for participants in the Telehealth Project led by the Ministry of Health of Brazil.

This course represents an area of ??systematic training of tutors for guidance and coordination of groups of networked learning in the field of Public Health with the support of Information Technologies and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Participants of the first version of the "virtual communication Diploma public health risk "meet in Panama

Panama, September 28, 2011 (PAHO / WHO) - With the objective of exchangingexperiences on the development of the first "virtual communication Diploma in public health risk" and identify a set of strengths and opportunities that contribute to the continuous improvement of this learning experience is held in Panama City a two-day meeting with participants in the cohort 2011.

First Graduates Receive Virtual Diploma in "Risk Communication for Public Health"

Washington, September 14, 2011. 

Successful completion of the Workshop "System Network for Education and Research Hospital"

Culmina con éxito el Seminario Taller "El Sistema de Red Hospitalaria para Educación e Investigación"10 and August 11, 2011 was held the Workshop "System Network for Education and Research Hospital and Node Virtual Campus of Public Health Strengthening Project Digital Health in the Republic of Panama" on the campus of the University of Panama, where he achieved the objectives of exchanging experiences on the hospital network for education and research and training in the use of the Moodle virtual platform to implement online courses in institutions.

Implementation of QR Code in the Virtual Campus of Public Health

CVSP - Código QRThe Virtual Campus of Public Health implemented the latest generation of QR Code for your website, then a little information about the code:

What is a QR code and what is it?

It is a system to store information in a kind of barcode art.

With the help of a mobile phone can retrieve this information just by pointing the camera at the QR code.

Why use the QR code?

With this system you can capture with your mobile contact information and location of any company, save in the phonebook, call, visit their website, email or even see where it is located in Google Maps.

How do I? What I have to do?

Start the Virtual Course Design and Management of Joint Health Benefits (JHB)

Curso Virtual de Diseño y Gestión de Conjuntos de Prestaciones de Salud (CPS)August 4 The program began familiarizing the Virtual Course Design and Management of Joint Health Benefits (JHB) in the Virtual Campus of Public Health, which aims to guide participants in e-learning platforms that be used and from August 18, 2011 formally begins the course aims to improve the technical skills of the teams that are responsible for the design and ongoing management of health benefit packages in the countries of the region.

Launch of the new system for sending newsletters Virtual Public Health Campus

Lanzamiento del nuevo sistema de Boletines de Noticias del Campus Virtual de Salud Pública