Start the Diploma in Health and Local Development v3

Diplomado en Salud y Desarrollo Local

This May 16 to strengthen the link between health and development, the OPS provides the third version of the Diploma in Health and Local Development.

The program is intended for health stakeholders and local communities and cities in the region, in order to improve the health and quality of life of citizens through the development of skills to act on inequities, reduce exclusion and achieve full access to the right to health.

Meeting of the PLSI "Edmundo Granda Ugalde" of 2 to 6 May 2011 in Mexico City

The Leaders in International Health ProgramThe Leaders in International Health Program “Edmundo Granda Ugalde” (LIHP) 2011 held a week-long onsite meeting from 2-6 May, 2011 at the Centro Interamericano de Estudios de Seguridad Social (CIESS) in Mexico City, Mexico. This meeting represents the second module of the nine-month LIHP which is primarily conducted virtually.

Paraguay's Health Ministry made the Official Launch of the VCPH Node

Lanzamiento Nodo CVSP UruguayOn Tuesday May 3, was made official launch ceremony of the VCPH Paraguay Node, with the presence of officials of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare (MPSyBS), SE the Minister, Dr. Esperanza Martinez, Prof. Jose Maria Massolo, National Director and Dr. Raul DNERHS Gulino, Director General, National Institute of Health (NIH).


Fundamentos de Determinantes Sociales de la SaludFrom May 19 to September 2, 2011

This virtual course aims to contribute to the continuing education of teachers of Public Health in the approach to social determinants and health equity it possible to redirect their teaching.

So also has the following objectives:

The Virtual Course on Gender and Health Begins

Start the Virtual Course on Gender and Health, which teaches the differences and disparities in the health of women and men, seen from multiple identities are determined by biological and social factors interact with each other, according to the characteristics of the historical, social and political.

This course will cover different categories of analysis used in the implementation of the gender perspective in health as well as the connections between these 2 categories to explain the risks and vulnerabilities of men and women, their access and power over resources and health services, participation in decision-making and health work.

Starts Virtual Course Program in International Health Leaders 2011

In March 28 began the course Virtual Leadership Program in International Health "Edmundo Granda Ugalde (PLSI) for the year 2011, which allows participants to identify and analyze a specific public health problem or situation in his country, subregion or region, based on the focus of international health; delve more deeply into their commitments and international determinants, and propose solutions or actions to help solve or improve the situation, giving priority to issues that require collaboration and intersectoral agreements or supranational.

Launched Virtual Risk Communication Diploma Course in Public Health

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) and the Universidad del Norte (UNINORTE) will welcome this valuable learning experience on risk communication in public health, both as a field of knowledge from practice,

Course Tutor Training for Integration of HIV and other infectious diseases prevalent in the 1st. level of care

Course Tutor Training for Integration of HIV and other infectious diseases prevalent in the 1st. level of careBetween 14 and 18 March of this year has celebrate in Panama a tutor training course for Project Integration of HIV and other infectious diseases prevalent in the 1st. level of care.

This course has two main purposes, the first immediate and the second with a strategic vision:

Start Node Virtual Campus of Public Health in Ecuador

On 24 February in the city of Quito, Ecuador, was the official ceremony to launch the Node VCPH-Ecuador with the presence of officials of the Ministry of Health chaired by Dr. Carmen Laspina Deputy Minister, Dr. Celia Riera Representative PAHO and the presence of the deans of the universities that make up Node 8 and their respective technical teams.

Virtual Course "Prevention of Meningococcal Disease"

Curso virtual Prevención de la enfermedad meningocócica

Call to March 4

Successfully concluded MoodleHealth 2011

MoodleSalud 2011

Very successful can be assessed by the development of MoodleHealth 2011 held in Havana, Cuba, on days 8.9 and 10 February.

Call: Summer University College of the Americas

Universidad de VeranoThe School of the Americas (COLAM) and the Inter-American Organization (OUI-IOHE), call for the Summer University on "Governance, Leadership and Public Policy" which addresses four areas:

1) Social Determinants of Health

2) Gender

3) Indigenous people and

4) Information Society and Knowledge.

This call relates to the 2011 edition of the Summer University College of the Americas "Governance, Leadership and Public Policy with emphasis on the thematic area of the Social Determinants of Health. "

VCPH Cuba Node Call the 2nd edition of the Diploma "Management for health promotion"

DiplomadoThe National School of Public Health at the Medical University of Havana, Cuba

Work results in the VCPH during 2010

Taller Cuba

Throughout 2010 the team of Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH), both at regional and country nodes, along with tutors and coordinators of the different courses, developed a hard work to improve the services, products and different methodological and technological tools provided by the Virtual Campus.

Maintenance work on the CVPH Classroom

MantenimientoTo ensure the updating of Virtual Campus of Public Health classroom (VCPH) during the year 2011, will be performed ,in the month of January, the maintenance work required by the system. 

Debido a esta situación es posible que en algunos momentos el acceso al Aula Virtual se encuentre temporalmente limitado, lo cual esperamos restablecer lo antes posible.

Because of this situation it can happen that access to the Virtual Classroom can be temporarily limited, we hope to restore as soon as possible. 

VI Regional Workshop of Virtual Campus of Public Health, Node Cuba: "Assessment of Experiences"

Taller CubaOver 22th and 23th December, 2010, was developed in Havana, Cuba, the Sixth Regional Workshop of Virtual Campus of Public Health,  Node Cuba :"Assessment of Experiences. " This event took place in classrooms and laboratories of the National School of Public Health (ENSAP) of Cuba and was chaired by Dr. J Baudilio Jardines Méndez, Coordinator of the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH) and DRCs. Pastor Castell - Florit Serrate ENSAP Director.

Message from the Director of the Pan American Health Organization

Mensaje 2010


VCPH participation in the Sixth Army Medical Congress in Nicaragua

Convocatoria PLSI 2011On December 2, in the City of Managua, Nicaragua, after the close of the Military Medical Conference, Dr. Jose B. Jardines on behalf of the Pan American Health Organization presented the keynote address "Public Health Virtual Campus a model of network learning (net-learning)" which promotes the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the processes training and training of human resources in health.

He explained that the VCPH is a collaborative learning network, in which ministries, Health Associations, and other academic institutions, support to strengthen the educational process in public health.


Virtual Course Evaluation of Medical Training in PHC

Taller TutoresOn days 1, 2 and 3 December in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was held the "Virtual Training Course Medical PHC" evaluation, which developed its first version year 2010 in the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH)

This event was held with the participation of coordinators, tutors and students of the course, some of which were virtually and was chaired by Dr. Rosa Maria Borrell, PAHO regional consultant and Ms. Monica Abramzon as academic coordinator of the course.

Assessment Workshop Course Tutors and Design materials

Taller TutoresOn 29 and 30 November took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Assessment Workshop Course "Train the Tutors" and "Design of educational materials", made both during the year 2010 in the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH).

25th Anniversary of the Leaders in International Health Program

25 annos PLSIThe Leaders in International Health Program is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

In 1985, a group of professionals in the Department of Human Resource Development of the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) agreed on the need to develop a new type of leadership in the region that would allow better understanding and practice of changing the processes of international cooperation and the proper role of the Organization.

Attached are the links to follow the International Health Conference:

PAHO published the invitation to participate in the "Leaders in International Health Program" Edmundo Granda Ugalde "Version 2

Convocatoria PLSI 2011The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) recently published on its website a call for the Leaders in International Health "Edmundo Granda Ugalde" 2011.

Course on "Mainstreaming HIV and infectious diseases prevalent in primary care"

Proyecto Gorgas

On March 2011 will start the course "Integrating HIV and infectious diseases prevalent in the primary care level", through which it intends to train about 200 people from the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Panama and Nicaragua.

This course is a collaborative effort between the Pan American Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University and the Gorgas Memorial Institute for the Study of Health of Panama.

Project "Regional Competency Framework"

The project "Regional Competency Framework" has with groups of experts in all domains defined in the Mexico Workshop 2010.

Is expected by December this year there is already a first draft containing the proposed general skills for health workers in the Americas. Experts participating in this initiative from Peru, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and the OPS.

Working to strengthen Chile's VCPH Node

From 24 to October 28 were held in Chile last several meetings designed to share with organizations and health institutions in Chile on the prospects of bringing the Node VCPHChile and to specify an action plan in the short term Node Virtual Campus Public Health  in Chile under the leadership of the Ministry of Health, PWR-Chile and the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Chile ASOFAMECH.

VCPH Node creation and development of RH Observatory in Uruguay

Noticia UruguayyIn order to analyze the prospects of creating a node of the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH) in Uruguay was held in Montevideo from 17 October 21 different meetings with representatives of PAHO and leaders of institutions Uruguay developments in the field of e-learning in health.

These exchanges also aimed to assess the current development of the National Observatory of Human Resources in Uruguay and the possibilities of creating the Subregional Centre for the Southern Cone.

Registration open for "Virtual communication Diploma in public health risk"

Comunicacion en riesgoThe Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) and the Universidad del Norte in Colombia, have issued the invitation to participate in the "Virtual communication Diploma in public health risk."

This Diploma course haven't cost to participants and is for communicators and health professionals from the ministries of Health, and nonprofit organizations, including the United Nations system. The call also goes to teachers and professors of communication faculties of universities in the public or nonprofit to the regional level.

E-training Urged to Shape a New Health Workforce in Latin America and the Caribbean


On October 27th  to October 1st, was held at the headquarters of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in Washington D.C. , Ministers of Health of Member States of PAHO. Among the topics discussed, it was the use of virtual education programs for health personnel to transmit knowledge and skills in health systems based on primary care, highlighting the advantages and rule in favor for this type of learning on the grounds that E-Learning will help to train more human resources in the region based on primary care systems.

That is why in the Blog of 50 PAHO Directing Council has published the following press release:

Call for the design of the graphic identity of the Social Security program for all

Convocatoria CIESS

The CIESS node in the network of the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH), offers to the international community a call for the concourse to create the graphic identity of the "Regional Strategy educational program citizenship for social safety culture" Social Security for all."

This program was presented by the Inter-American Social Security Studies (CISS) as part of the XXVI General Assembly of the CISS was recently held in Panama.

The concourse is open to those who wish to participate and the deadline for submission of materials is November 26 this year.

Was held in Panama "Meeting of Mayors"

Encuentro de AlcaldesOn October 7 and 8th,  2010, was held in the District of Santa Fe de Veraguas, Panama,  the "Meeting of Mayors." This event was attended by mayors and delegates from mayors of the municipalities of Arraiján, Taboga, Santiago, San Francisco, Calobre, Rio de Jesus and Kusapín, and they signed an agreement to promote the Millennium Development Goals, through strategies territorial development of the Ministry for Agricultural Development (MIDA), the strategy Voices Faces and Places (VFP) of the Ministry of Health (MINSA) and the Pan American Health Organization, World Health Organ