Quarta-feira, Dezembro 9, 2020
12.00 p.m. - 2.00 p.m. (EST)

PAHO's Regional Program on Bioethics concluded in the sixth and last dialogue of our series on research ethics in the pandemic. Professionals from Argentina, Chile, Grenada, and Peru discussed the research ethics lessons that we have learned so far in the COVID-19 context.

Objetivo(s) da reunião: 
  • To advance a space to share the efforts of the countries in the region ensuring the ethical conduct of research during the pandemic.
  • Identify the challenges in their implementation, and overall improve our capacities to catalyze ethical COVID-19 research.
Caixas de som. Breve resumo do currículo: 
  • Sandra Tapia (President of the Ad Hoc Scientific Ethics Committee for Scientific Research on Covid-19 Vaccines of Chile)
  • Adriel Jonas Roitman (Member of the Central Committee of Research Ethics, Ministry of Health of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Cheryl Cox Macpherson (Director of the CREEi Research Ethics Training Program for the Caribbean, and member of the Anglo Caribbean Bioethics Association, Grenada)
  • Juan Villacorta (Member of the Transitory Committee on Research Ethics for the Covid-19 Emergency of Peru)
Palavras chaves: 
bioethics, research, COVID-19
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