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This course provides students with a basic understanding of the principles of healthcare technology planning and management – policies, assessment, budgeting, acquisition, deployment, education/training, patient safety, maintenance, and replacement/disposal. Additional topics include the convergence of healthcare technologies – medical devices, information systems and telecommunications; clinical engineering department setup/ management, and related professional activities.

Purpose of the Course

To train professionals in developing and strengthening the management of health technology and medical engineering, in order to improve the quality of decisions and the quality of services provided by health organizations, achieving a greater level of clinical effectiveness, efficiency in the use of technological resources, cost control and reduction of technological risks for staff and patients on the health system.

General Objectives

Throughout the course, it is expected that participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of criteria regarding assessment, management, administration and regulation of healthcare technology, to improve the clinical effectiveness, efficiency and safety of technology use of the, considering the importance and impact of technology on patient care.
  • Learn how to develop projects with a technological component within a hospital environment; to discuss improvements and solutions to specific biomedical technology issues.
  • To promote better management of information regarding identification of biomedical and hospital technology planning, procurement and operation requirements.
  • Engage with other healthcare technology management professionals in order to share the best practices and discuss solutions for common issues.

Course Structure



Week 1

  • Orientation

Week 2

  • Orientation

Week 3

  • Healthcare Systems and Technology
  • Medical Devices, Equipment and Systems

Week 4

  • Healthcare Information Technology
  • Convergence of Medical Devices and Information Systems

Week 5

  • Healthcare Technology Policy and Planning

Week 6

  • Healthcare Technology Assessment

Week 7

  • Healthcare Technology Replacement Planning

Week 8

  • Net Present Value Analysis

Week 9

  • Healthcare Technology Acquisition and Deployment

Week 10

  • Regulations, Standards, Codes and Accreditation
  • Patient Safety and Technology

Week 11

  • Healthcare Technology Training

Week 12

  • Healthcare Technology Maintenance Management

Week 13

  • Computerized Medical Equipment Management Systems
  • Clinical Engineering Departments and the Profession

Week 14

  • Global Healthcare Technology Management

Final assignment


The course will utilize web-based content including text, photos, diagrams, flow charts, other figures, video, audio, links to other websites, and other web attributes to deliver content to students.

General Calendar

August 28th through December 3rd 2017.

Language and Duration

The course will be offered in English with a duration of 104 hours divided into 14 weeks.

Deadline for Applicant Registration

July 21, 2017. (Deadline has been extended, previously July 3rd)

Requirements and Workload

  • Professionals (engineers, medical doctors, managers and other related specialties) that have or are interested in developing duties related to biomedical technologies within the health system or at health institutions.
  • Participants should have completed a university level course in the field of business, technology, engineering or management, or should have experience in management or administration with responsibility for some aspect of healthcare technology.

Application and Registration

Follow these steps to complete your online application through the Virtual Campus for Public Health:

1. Create your Campus Account at: https://www.campusvirtualsp.org/en/user/register
2. Once you have created your account, complete the Application form at: https://www.campusvirtualsp.org/en/apply-form

You will need to log in to access the form.

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