Curso Virtual de Funciones Esenciales de Salud Pública

Available now call for the Virtual Course Essential Public Health Functions 2012 (version 3). This course aims to develop the management skills of the Essential Public Health (EPHF) to help strengthen national health systems and improving health conditions of the population.

This virtual learning program aims to provide the participants a space of knowledge, reflection and development of operational capabilities to promote the development of the Essential Public Health-EPHF-in the countries of the Americas. The program organizes your content to over four months, during which each participant prepares a proposal to strengthen some of the essential public health functions that could contribute to improving health in their country or their institution. The course is designed to support you in this process.

The demand for each program participant at least 8 hours of personal work per week to review the readings and exercises. During the learning process, the participants will be assisted and supported by expert tutors with whom you can communicate over the activities, and may also have a valuable exchange of experiences and knowledge that comes from group interaction to throughout the course.

The process of invitation, application, selection and enrollment is done online from the VCPH Portal ( PAHO offices in the countries of the Region of the Americas support the process, in coordination with labor institutions of stakeholders to whom they support. Candidates must meet the aforementioned requirements and complete your application documentation online within that time period. The final selection of participants will make the overall coordination of the course. The quota of the course is limited.


  1. Responsible for the management of health systems and services of the Ministries of Health, Social Security Institutions and Institutions of Public Health, in differentnational and subnational levels.
  2. Currently responsible for or involved the management of any of the EPHF.
  3. Leaders and coordinators of health policies and programs influencing the decisions of your organization.
  4. Leaders and teachers of universities and schools of public health spent in training ofhealth professionals.


Dedication of approximately eight (8) hour work week to different synchronous and asynchronous activities of the course, with continued delivery of various tasks andexercises and have facilities for computer and Internet access. - Permanent interactionwith a tutor and a learning group assigned, following the schedule of activities, since the course is not self-instruction or individualized learning. - This course is offered in Spanish but with some required reading in English, so participants must have reading skills in this language.

Closing date for registration: Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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