The Virtual Campus for Public Health (VCPH) is the learning platform of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). The goal of the Virtual Campus is to contribute to the development of skills and competencies of health workers, while supporting the transformation of public health services and practices in the Region of the Americas.

The Virtual Campus is a decentralized network of people, institutions and organizations that share courses and open educational resources about topics related to public health that are relevant to the countries of the Region, through the use of information and communication technologies.


To lead strategic collaborative efforts among Member States and other partners, to promote human resources for health training, for all people, in all places.


To serve as the virtual platform of reference for human resources training in public health in the Americas.


  • Public Good
  • Networking
  • Quality
  • Permanent Education
  • Support development of local capacity-building
  • Sustainability
  • Convergence

  • To build and maintain a virtual space for interaction, learning, and networking to develop technical competencies among public health workers, and capacity building for institutions dedicated to providing public health training and services.
  • To promote and disseminate continuing education policies for the development of public health workforce competencies that respond to countries’ priority needs.
  • To strengthen the professional competencies and training capacities of teaching institutions and public health service providers.
  • To contribute to the integration and systematization of national and sub-regional efforts to manage public health information and knowledge.
  • To strengthen the leadership role of the Virtual Public Health Campus as an essential tool for continuing health education in the region, through its operational relationship with the Virtual Health Library.
  • To promote the benefits of information and communication technologies for distance education, as well as the technological connectivity and capacity of institutions that provide health services and training.
  • To develop and share training and networking methodologies and tools tailored to meet the needs of countries in the Americas.


  • The conception and design of the Virtual Campus for Public Health are the product of ideas and experiences from the first approaches made from the launch of the Initiative in 2000.


  • Starts the launch of the pilot phase for the Virtual Campus for Public Health.
  • Opens the process of signing the Memorandum of Understanding which includes the first thirteen partner institutions.


  • Special Statement of the Director of the Pan American Health Organization, Dr. Mirta Roses at the 4th Regional Coordination Meeting of the Virtual Library, Brazil reaffirmed the "commitment of PAHO to the construction of the Virtual Campus for Public Health to progressively put in networking initiatives National, international and regional continuing education for health workers".


  • Inaugural speech of the Director of PAHO, Dr. Mirta Roses "In this period as encourage the strengthening of information systems, health monitoring, measuring inequality and disease burden, and the analysis and use of information for decision making in partnership with other international agencies".
  • Completion of the conceptual framework and technological infrastructure


  • Commissioning and adjustments of the new model at the regional level and the network of nodes in the countries.


  • Training and skills development in the coordination and technical and technological and financial sustainability teams of the project.


  • Growth and consolidation of VCPH networks.
  • Improvement of the quality control of products and services.


  • The network covers more than 160 public health institutions, approximately 20,000 professionals in the Region have completed some of the virtual courses using the web and other applications designed for mobile devices; About 6,000 educational resources published in conjunction with the VHL and 4 countries are participating in the design of a virtual training clinic, aimed at developing the clinical skills of the professionals of the PHC teams. 96 regional courses and 245 in countries have been held. More than 500 professionals were trained in the online tutoring exercise and in the design of virtual education programs, which has allowed this growth.

Virtual Campus for Public Health Presentation

VCPH Educational Approach


The Virtual Campus for Public Health has this following models:

- Strategic

- Governance

- Educational

Gabriel Listovsky Regional Coordinator Human Resources for Health Unit - Department of Health Systems and Services. Edgardo De Gracia Advisor Specialist in Design, Development and Administration of Information Systems and Databases. Johel Diaz Advisor Specialist in Virtual Environments, Educational Technologies and Web Methodologies. Carlos Leon Advisor Psychologist specialized in Pedagogical Management and Virtual Learning Environments. Ivan Chavez Technical Team Specialist in Users Management and Help Desk Assistance. Karina Rodriguez Technical Team Systems and Computer Engineering Specialist. Ana Milena Paredes Administrative Secretary Administrative Secretary and Pedagogical Management.